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The Yorris J2 (short form: Y-J2) is a compact reflex sight used exclusively by CSAT forces in ArmA 3.


The Yorris is a reflex sight with a red dot reticle. Like its NATO counterpart, it is not magnified.

It is designed exclusively for use on the Zubr revolver and has a fixed zeroing of 50 m.[CfgWp 1][CfgWp 2] However, a sub-variant is also mounted onto the DMS as a backup sight. Both the standalone and DMS-mounted Yorris sights are only available in a matte black finish.

Note that attaching the Yorris onto a weapon will not increase its inertia penalty.[CfgWp 4]


  • Black: Standard matte black finish.


  • The Yorris is based on the real-life "FastFire 2" made by Burris Optics, a subsidiary company of Beretta S.p.A.[1]
  • It was not originally included as a usable optic at launch and was only added after the release of Game Update 1.04 (alongside the Zubr revolver).[2]
  • After the Marksmen DLC's release, the Yorris was upgraded to make use of the then-new collimator tunnelling effect[3] for its reticle (as part of Game Update 1.42).[4]
  • Unlike standalone Yorris sights, the one mounted on the DMS features a chevron reticle as opposed to a simple red dot.
  • The optic's name is a reference to the username of Joris-Jan van 't Land (YorisYan) and his first name's initials (J.J.). van 't Land served as ArmA 3's project lead starting from 2012 up until late 2015.[5]


Config/script references[]


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