« Marny? What the hell...Oh I see...Look there's no time for this! Come on we need help, do you understand?
Olegich asks for help from Razor Team

Yuri Olegich is a minor character in ArmA 2's Operation Harvest Red campaign.


Olegich is a Chernarussian woodsman who was in reality a NAPA collaborator/guerilla. He lives in the village of Staroye just to the north of the South Zagorian coast.

He has connections to and is well-known by Lieutenant Tomas Marny, an intelligence officer in the CDF who was aware of the gamekeeper's ties to the guerilla organisation.

Operation Harvest Red (2009)

While they were searching for any sign of Mikola Bardak, the ChDKZ's second-in-command, USMC Force Recon callsign Razor Team come across Olegich after being told by Marny to search for clues in Staroye.

Waving and calling for them to come over, Olegich pleads for the Americans to help; a band of Chedaki fighters were about to raid the village, and the local guerillas were both outmanned and outgunned.

Razor Team assist the guerillas in fighting off the ChDKZ, and after being reassured that the Marines were not hunting him or the guerillas, a grateful Olegich proceeds to give the Americans clues on the whereabouts of the elusive insurgent leaders by telling them to search the old power plant in Elektrozavodsk.

Personality and Appearance

Olegich was a middle-aged Slavic male with short, mostly greying light brown hair and a walrus moustache. He usually wore a dark green jacket with a dark grey sweater, olive green pants, and a pale yellow ushanka.

« There are many passionate fighters in Chernarus. We are not all like the CDF.

In spite of his eccentric and seemingly mismatched appearance, Olegich was a fervent supporter of NAPA and was more than happy to bring the fight against the Chedaki.

But while he certainly doesn't lack the courage to pick up a weapon and fight, he does have a tendency to speak before he thinks and inadvertently reveals his origins to Razor Team as a result. Nonetheless, he is co-operative with the Americans and is genuinely thankful to them for their assistance, giving advice on obvious factors that they may have missed in their search for Bardak.


  • As with rescuing Dr. Sova and Galkina, assisting Olegich in fighting off the ChDKZ is also not mandatory to complete, but is required if the player intends on obtaining a good ending for Harvest Red as it counts as a piece of evidence.

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