ZFK 4x25
Faction - East Germany
Type Riflescope
Magnification 4x
Zeroing range 100-800 m
Variants None

The ZFK 4x25 is a low-powered riflescope used by East German forces, and it was added in the 1.1 Global Mobilization Update.


The ZFK 4x25 is a scope mainly utilized by spotters, and can only be mounted on the Soviet "Dovetail" mount, utilized by the AKMN, the KM-72, the AK-74, the RPK and the RPK-74. It is also capable of being mounted on the RPG-7, although with limited effectiveness.

It has a minimum zeroing range starting at 100 m that goes up to a maximum of 800 m in 100 m range increments, and it doesn't feature any secondary aiming modes.

The reticle is composed of two main elements, the aiming reticle and a stadiametric rangefinder; the main reticle is composed of a single chevron, with markings on the side for windage adjustment, while the rangefinder is rather peculiar since distance is estimated using the width of the target, providing a scale for targets from 200 to 1000 meters away.


  • The ZFK 4x25 is based on the real-life Zeiss ZFK 4x25 scope, designed specifically for use on the AK-74.


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