Zabu is a minor character in ArmA 2's Operation Silver Lion campaign.


Zabu is a German Shepherd dog that works under the command of Sergeant Bohuslav Kouba.

Operation Silver Lion (2010)

Zabu was one of the many military working dogs assigned to the Czech military's counterinsurgency force based in the Bystrica region of Chernarus.

Assigned to Sgt. Kouba's squad, Zabu greatly assisted in the capture of three criminals working with Colonel Radan Miyović's Bystrican militia; Borz Kazbekov, Dragan Kasun and notorious arms smuggler Aslan Radayev.

« Radayev: OUCH! Call off the beast!
Kouba: Zabu, get back! Stay! Here you are, you bastard. Lie down! Hands behind your back!
Zabu "catches" Aslan Radayev and his associates

Thanks to Zabu, Kasun, Kazbekov and Radayev are all quickly tracked down one-by-one and are subsequently brought into Czech custody.

The Czech commander praised Zabu for the dog's fundamental role in locating the fugitives.


  • Zabu is unique for being the first named, non-human character in the entire series.
  • He will not stray more than 30 metres away from the player unless they deliberately "block" the dog's AI pathing.
    • Whenever a criminal is within range, Zabu will always lunge towards them and begin barking loudly. Due to the lack of dog attack animations however, Zabu will not actually harm the suspects.


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