Zbigniew Stolarski is a minor character in ArmA 3's First Contact campaign.


Stolarski is one of the many Livonian soldiers who took part in the multilateral training exercises in the semi-abandoned Nadbór region.

First Contact (2039)

On June 17th, 2039, a friendly fire incident involving an American-controlled drone mistakenly dropping a GPS-guided bomb onto friendly positions, results in the deaths of seven Livonians and one American.

In the ensuing aftermath, Exercise Electron-39 is halted and eventually cancelled when the U.S. and Livonian government fail to reach an agreement over responsibility for the incident. The withdrawal of all foreign NATO troops is mandated, and are due to depart from the country within 48 hours.

By now, Stolarski and a fellow soldier, Private Aleksy Nowak, were reassigned to guarding a checkpoint near a burn pit. Soon after, two American soldiers arrive in a truck to get rid of their garbage. One of the soldiers got out of the truck and immediately tried to provoke him and Nowak.

The American bickered with Nowak, prompting Stolarski to ask if this was indeed the same notorious "American Idiot" who had picked fights with several others and had even broken the jaw of another soldier.

« Nowak: American - we CAN'T understand you!
Stolarski: Is he drunk?
Nowak: (sighs) Go get the Sergeant...
Resigned to his antics, Nowak tells Stolarski to call for higher-ups to handle the "American Idiot"

Growing increasingly annoyed by his antics, Nowak directs Stolarski to call for the Sergeant in charge of the checkpoint. The American continued his shenanigans and even tried to stop them from collecting the garbage from his truck.

Personality and Appearance

Stolarski is a Slavic male with a lightly shaved, dark brown-coloured head of hair. He is always seen wearing a set of camouflaged fatigues, a combat helmet, and lightweight plate carrier.

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