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Zdroj Zagoria Pivovary is a Chernarussian alcoholic beverage company.


Based in the South Zagoria province of Chernarus, Zdroj Zagoria Pivovary was established in 1840 and sells beer to Chernarussians and other countries throughout the Green Sea region. Highly valued for its traditional brewing process and rich taste, Zdroj Zagoria Pivovary's products have gained enough attention to be exported worldwide, and are widely consumed throughout Europe and North America.

However, a sharp drop in sales caused by rising tensions in the GSR throughout the early 2010s has led to a significant decline in net consumption by its export market.

The company has laid blame at the Chernarussian government for failing to safeguard the industry due to its inept diplomatic efforts at maintaining a stable relationship with Takistan. Nevertheless, senior officials remain optimistic that the company's situation will eventually improve within the near future.


As of 2010, Jakub Vrána serves as CEO of the company.


In April 1990, then-incumbent CEO of the company, Karel Morpivký, published a report announcing that the company had entered a "golden age" of brewing in South Zagoria since its founding 150 years ago. This statement was backed by enormous sales figures bolstered by a recent surge in demand throughout the Green Sea region.


Despite its renewed advertising campaign, Zdroj Zagoria Pivovary's sales continue to freefall (2010)

Domestic sales of its products have continued to remain strong, but demand throughout the GSR has severely declined in the wake of regional tensions.

Sales in neighbouring Takistan, Zdroj Zagoria Pivovary's second largest market, has dropped significantly after the Takistani regime clamped down on foreign imports with extensive protectionist policies and the banning of alcoholic beverages.

Land-based trade routes running through Takistan to Karzeghistan and Ardistan were also closed off by the regime, shutting access to almost 90% of Zdroj Zagoria Pivovary's markets.

« Despite the current state of the market in - what are historically - our core territories, I am fully confident that Zagoria Zdroj will persevere through this period of uncertainty by sticking to our core values. While other companies may boast to have the most realistic simulation of our product, there is no substitute for the real thing.

We obviously need to look at different business models, and evaluate the most appropriate ways of getting our very popular product to market. Sometimes these moves can spark controversy; sometimes it's justified, sometimes it isn't. Ultimately, Our loyal customers need to appreciate that the company has always put the consumer at the heart of its business choices, and that is certainly not something that is going to change
CEO Jakub Vrána's public statement, responding to criticism against the company's questionable promotion campaign

To counter this, Zdroj Zagoria Pivovary has mostly switched to maritime shipping to export its goods and has aggressively invested into an advertising campaign aimed at promoting its quality.

However, the increased costs of shipping combined with the risk of piracy has caused profits to drastically decline. The regional beer market has also been flooded with inferior quality but cheaper American-made products, further contributing to the company's downward trend.



  • Zdroj Zagoria Pivovary was introduced as an Armaverse company in ArmA 2.

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