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The Zelenogorsk forward outpost is a military base located in South Zagoria, Chernarus.


An outpost used by troops from the Chernarussian Defence Forces (CDF), it was established at the height of the September Crisis.

It is manned by a battalion-sized force of mechanised infantry supported by heavy air and tank assets. The road leading into Zelenogorsk from Pavlovo serves as the outpost's MSR. All supplies and reinforcements flow through this route, terminating at the supply point inside the city and at the main base.

The commander in charge of the operation to liberate South Zagoria, General Begunov, is stationed at the outpost. He is additionally supported by Major R.A. Stavovich and signals/intelligence officer Lieutenant Tomas Marny.

Following the ratification of an alliance between the Chernarussian government and moderates within the National Party (NAPA), senior partisan officials, led by Valery Michalkov, also maintain a presence at the outpost. They work closely with government forces to coordinate the movements of both sides.


In early September 2009, the entire province was overrun by insurgents from the so-called "Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star" (ChDKZ). The pro-Russian separatists quickly overwhelmed the surprised and scattered CDF units throughout South Zagoria, inflicting heavy casualties upon government forces in their hasty retreat towards the west.

Remnants of local police, militias and military units gathered at Zelenogorsk and formed a defensive pocket in an attempt to buy time. The Chernarussian government-in-exile's efforts to appeal to the NATO alliance succeeded and four weeks later on October 8th, U.S. Marines from the 27th Marine Expeditionary Unit (27th MEU) would conduct a full-scale invasion of the province.

Codenamed Operation Harvest Red, the MEU's forces, alongside remnants of the CDF's 8th Battalion (8th Btn.), quickly pushed back the ChDKZ until they were driven into a pocket in the northern regions of the province. Zelenogorsk would remain as the primary staging point for additional CDF reinforcements until October 22nd, when the last of the separatists were decisively defeated in battle and dissolved as an organisation.


Main base

CDF/NAPA commanders: Gen. Begunov (right), Maj. Stavovich (left), Michalkov aka "Little John" (centre)

The CDF's main base of operations is located west of Zelenogorsk's city centre (at a farm).

The battalion's Mobile Headquarters (MHQ) vehicle, light vehicle assembly point, barracks, heavy vehicle assembly point, and air control radio tower are situated here.

The open field to its north-east is often used as an improvised Landing Zone for helicopters. On the other hand, the farmhouse has been "repurposed" by Lt. Marny's team of intelligence officers and is often used to house captured insurgents for interrogation.

Security checkpoint


The road heading east towards Pogorevka passes a fortified security checkpoint that marks the furtherest limit of the Zelenogorsk outpost (at grid coordinates 042-098).

The checkpoint is commanded by CDF Captain Andrey Boleslavski. A team of militiamen man the checkpoint and patrol the surrounding area. Two motorised rifle squads stand by at all times to assist the militias when needed.

Supply point

Logistical trucks collect and drop off all supplies at outpost's supply depot, which is located near the middle of Zelenogork's city centre.


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